FS: CLYW 2018 Sasquatch

No trades, please. USA only. Prices include shipping in the CONUS.

2018 CLYW Sasquatch - $75
NMTBS with box.
There is one super tiny pinprick mark near the engraving on one half that was already there when I purchased it brand new.

I’m happy to take more photos upon request. Thanks for looking!


Kun looks so fun.

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dna ultra is such a great throw if you like responsive play too


is the DNA Ultra a responsive?

It is if you switch out the C bearing for a half spec!
Edit: I changed the post to clarify that both the C bearing and half spec are included with the DNA.

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the package came equipped with both. it was a nice feature…


that’s cool.

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Added Luftverk Alpina

Rally is SOLD.

@yoyoretro I can offer 34.24 for the kun that is exactly what I have in pp account.
That is the last of what I’ve allowed myself to spend on throws this month.
…I have a problem…many here can relate to.


OD Intro SOLD.

Added One Drop Parlay and Throw Co Debut. Updated prices.

Damn interested in that Marquis but I am not in the US

Thanks for the interest, but I’d rather not ship internationally if possible. I’ll let you know if that changes!

One Drop Marquis is SOLD

Alley Cat 650b is SOLD.

2014 eH is SOLD.
Added 2018 Sasquatch.
DNA Ultra and Throw Co. Debut are SOLD

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2018 Sasquatch is quite rare! Jump on this y’all… if you like big bois

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