FS: Cascade, C3 Halo, NB painted FHZ, Yo-Yo Case, and more!

Looking to make some money to go to Nationals, so trying to sell these yo-yos.

Please NO TRADES, only looking to sell.

C3 Halo: Good condition $35 + shipping

One Drop Cascade: Wasteland Edition Colorway, mint except for one small ding- $80 + shipping


NB Painted FHZ:From what if heard this is a NB painted FHZ, not 100% sure that NB painted it, but looks like one of his paint jobs, mint condition, with a 44clash cap on one side, and a duncan cap on the other,and still responsive. $75 + shipping


Duncan Hayabusa: Great condition, good for beginner offstring. $12 + Shipping

[size=10pt]ProYo Ace - good condition, such a small yoyo that still plays just as good as a normal sized yoyo. - $20 + Shipping


Yo-Yo Sam Case- holds 12 yo-yos and has 2 compartments for yoyo accessories. $25 + shipping