FS: Bunch of throws!

[edited out bootleg yoyo that was for sale]


YYF Grind Machine 2-Small Marks-ano flaw ‘ink stain’, no stacks on it, can add some-$50

YYF Northstar-Faded Logos-It’s a northstar…you wanna be Jensen? Buy this.-$30

YYR Diffusion-No Stickers-Played like crap, tuned it, plays pretty darn good now-$20

YYJ Pinnacle-Mint-newish YYJ plastic, plays great, comes with a CW-$15

No trades, offer whatever cash you want…peace!

If anyone wants, $80 for the lot, shipped to your door in a box, free stickers too!!

You are not aloud to sell Bootlegs.

are you not? sorry man, thought it was okay as long as I made it clear it was not legit!