FS: Blue DM2, Gray Hitman Pro, Black/Green PGM!! (CHEAP!!!) Price Drop 9/28!

The Dark Magic 2 has holes in the caps for easy removal, slight dings that do not affect play, and the original bearing. Has normal plastic vibe.

The plastic Grind Machine has scuffs in the plastic that do not affect play. They are so minor i cant take pictures of it.

The Hitman Pro has minor scuffs that do not affect play, Slight damage on the paper caps shown in the picture. The metal rings come away from the plastic when you hit the yoyo into something all you need to do is push them back. Plays fine and sometime responds i dont know why. Great Player though.

DM2 $20
Hitman Pro $20
PGM $20
All prices include shipping :slight_smile:
I accept paypal only no trades please.
Please Please Please PM me!!! and do not post in this thread because I only look for messages.

bump to include shipping in the price!

Bump with reduced prices


Email sent on the code 1! I want it!


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Is the Hitman 2 still available?

Pgm still avaliable??

Hitman and PGM are still availale