FS: Bapezilla, SvZB, Pure, Hugo Zhor, Prepro P2, more

Hey everyone. Trying to sell some stuff here, no trades. Pictures are mostly on my flickr, might have a few more to upload. Here’s what I got.

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23518971@N08/

-Tiny pin prick on green rim, hardly noticeable, doesn’t effect play
-Smoothest, best playing Bape I’ve ever thrown, and I’ve thrown a lot.
-$150 or best offer

Shark VS Zombie Beaver ed. Bear VS Man
-One tiny mark on blue side, took me about 5 examinations to notice, took forever to capture it on camera.
-Best playing Bear VS Man I’ve ever thrown, seriously hard to let this go

Duncan Hugo Z Hor
-Mint condition
-Won by Chris Fraser at Indy States 2010
-Navy Blue in color

-Half Black, Half Blue
-Tiny marks from 5A, plays super smooth

Prepro P2
-Grey in color
-few small dings

Yomega Dash
-Won it at MER, Plays great for a yomega

-Blue/Purple Acid Wash

Might have more. I’ll update this accordingly. I’d prefer not to be PMed for messages. If you want to make an offer please send me an e-mail at aronyoyos@yahoo.com. Thanks,

Aron Bendet

is there any difference between the preproduction P2 and the production P2?

Other than a slight different in the engravings, no. I’m 95% sure there is absolutely no difference. The prepro has an ‘x’ over “p2”. All items still available.

You guys like my videos, right? Help me by buying my yoyos so I can get a new camera, ok?
<3 <3 <3