Bape.2 For sale

Hey guys!
I recently got acquired a bape.2. I feel that I have too many yoyos, and not enough cash, so I’ve decided to sell it!
Price: $90 firm.
Shipping: US only is free, add $20 for international.
Way we do this: Money first unless you’re a well known, well respected member of the community or you have 20+ positive feedback. If you have any negative or neutral feedback, expect to pay first.
Condition: Very, very near mint. I’m saying this only because there is the slightest shiny mark that you can only see when you hold it up to the light, although I do not think it is a ding or anything of the sort. It is only a pinprick-sized mark that doesn’t go through anno and is dang near impossible to see, even in the light. Any other marks you find can be rubbed off with a finger, and are not permanent damage. The only mark is so small and so invisible I cannot get it on a picture. The yoyo plays great, and comes with a twisted trifecta bearing.
The pictures are below! Thanks for looking.