[H]Anti-Yo Viszilla??[W]$120, and your love baby, your love


I’ve got a nice Viszilla here that I’m hesitant to part with, but feel I need to, because my YYR addiction is taking over. It’s extremely close to mint, only damage is a slight line on the outer edge of the darker half (Visible in the second picture, bottom-left side of the yoyo). It’s an ano line, so there is no actual metal damage, just a tiny scratch, and it’s very very hard to see. The pic makes it much easier to find.

Price-wise, I’d like about $120 for it, but I am willing to go lower, depending on whether small goodies can be added or not. Yea, so please check. It’s a beauty, the red SE’s give such a nice contrast against the minimalistic and somewhat drab colour.


thanks, Chris

I’m auctioning off my bapezilla 2 for CureSearch as part of Operation: Green Triangle. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anti-Yo-Bapezilla-2-Charity-auction-for-CureSearch-Childhood-Cancer-OGTyoyo-/251161983486?


Thanks, I’ll have to raise some money!


that is a vizilla, just in the original bape colorway right?



The gap is smaller, making them much more suited for looping

Hello, I kinda want a Messiah at a somewhat reasonable price, the Pink colour is my preferred colorway, but any will work. Any other yoyorecreation offers are welcome as well, except for the following models: Gleipnir, Blink, 6 (I love this so much, I might want another. If it’s undeniably well-priced, I’ll bite), Fragment. Not too keen on the 2010 or 2011 Clashes or the Dreadnought, but if it’s a good price, I’m interested.