FS: Ball Bearings KK's, twisted Trifecta's, Crucial v2!!!!

3 Konkave’s, 4 Twisted Trifecta’s, and 1 Crucial Grooved v2 bearing all for $94 (includes USPS first Class shipping, and paypal markup)
Extra Options for shipping and Payment
+$2.95=Delivery Confirmation
If you want to send the payment as a gift in paypal I can add Delivery Confirmation (ill even subtract $0.05 if you really want) for the same price.

About the bearings:
All are used, But are in mint condition, all still have shields on, the Kk’s are all either completely broken in or mostly broken in (they came really heavily lubed), I believe that i have put one drop of v4m in some of the Twisted Trifecta’s (don’t know how much got in tho i left the shields on). The Twisted Trifecta’s are really new, i got them in late July, I got the Kk’s in June, and I got the Crucial Grooved Bearing in about the middle of April. So they all are really new.

Why I’m getting rid of them: (in case you were wondering)
I recently decided to switch over to Flat Bearings (which i have plenty of) and wanted to get some of the money back that i spent on these bearings, so I’m selling them.

Note: If you don’t have/Dont want to spend money on these, but have a yoyo you would be willing to trade, Pm me, ill consider and reply to all offers.

Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM me, ill get back to you as soon as i can.

Thanks for your interest

P.s. Ill get pictures up really soon (just need to get ahold of a camera its around the house somewhere), i just wanted to get this up first.

pls. post those pics soon’ish, fly…thanks.