FS - all sold


All gone. Thanks for playing!

(Ken) #2

photos don"t work?


I see the photos OK. Nice throws by the way :star_struck:

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Link seems to work for me and others. Still not working?

(Ken) #5

Still not working for some reason…

(Mike Shay) #6

Link works fine to me.

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works for me too

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Maybe this will work?


If not maybe try a different browser or something? I’ll upload pics directly to the post tomorrow when I have time.

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(Ken) #9

Ok thanks.


Hey friends - I’ve dropped the price on both. Buy separate or take the pair for $150.

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That is a suuuper good deal. I remember someone looking for a raw draupnir once, but I don’t remember where I saw them…

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(Victor) #12

Indeed, it is. I’d take both of these, but I’m saving for some titaniums. I’m surprised these are still here. The Draupnir is one of the best yoyos out there (no matter what some may say.)

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Could that Draupnir be sent off for ano?


I think it’s a clear ano and not raw. I’m guessing it’d have to be stripped first. But it might be sold - awaiting PP.


Good. My wife is going to kill me if another yoyo shows up.

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LOL that is kinda why I’m selling. I keep trading but they need to go!

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Updated and bumped. Considering all offers.

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