FS: all must go! Genesis Ti, G2 Arbiter, etc

Hiya hiya, trying to get my next semester of college tuition paid off before the interest compounds too far. Hoping these get a better home! Happy to do bundles.
If you’re interested in a copy of my latest album, let me know and I’ll throw one into your package for free.
$5 shipping to CONUS on things below $50

Only looking for a CLYW Otter if trade

Feedback Thread: LINK

YoyoFactory Genesis Ti
$210: Scratches and scuffs pictured

G2 Mongoose Prototype
$65, MIB never thrown, comes with box!

Rebellion Start the Riot!
$60, some spots on the rim resembling pinpricks

G2 Reaper
$75: Tiny scuff mark pictured in third image, otherwise no damage.

G2 AL7 Banshee SS
$85: NMTBS, comes with box

G2 Arbiter
$85: NMTBS

Yoyorecreation Chopsticks Gorilla
$75: Pinprick, scratches pictured.


is that the bump of 29?


Missing yoyos incident?

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Like to see better pis of the Mowl scratch. I am interested

Embarrassingly, I just realized I didn’t upload pictures. I’ve uploaded some accordingly. Thanks for your patience.

Also 30th Aug bump

Would you take 30 for the orange mowl?

I bet the suspense is killing everyone. Did he take the 30 for the mowl or not?

yes he did because he’s a BEAST



How do you blur the text?

[_spoiler] insert text here and remove _ [/spoiler]

edit: b ump! !

:smiley: friday bu,mp

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Great guy shipped fast!

big thanks