Looking for: CLYW Yoyos

Looking for: CLYW- Gnarwhal, Wooly Marmot 1/2, Chief, Sasquatch, Arctic Circle 1, Summit

B-Grades/Fools Gold/Beat are welcome!

(Please include the colorway,asking price, and condition)

Thank you!

bump added a few more to my list

bumppy Got my Banshee and Chief. Still looking for and SF and now a Unprld Corruption! ;D

bump looking for some plastics!

Bump, updated thread hopefully it will clear up some confusion

bump, broke my phone this morning :’(

PMd :slight_smile:

Bump! Added prices ;D

bump, Banshee has been sold!

bump got two new throws on the way, bump :wink:

bump, new Banshee up

Bump, Got some goodies coming in the mail today ;D

bumppy Sparrow has been traded :stuck_out_tongue:

bump prices have been updated

bumpp, chief pls