FS: 5*, New Breed, 5150, FHC, Mayhem

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a small handful of yo-yos I no longer use. Shipped prices are for within the continental US only and will include First Class mail service with tracking. For those of you who are overseas, I will ship USPS anywhere at cost - PM me and we can work something out. I prefer PayPal, but will take a money order from those of you in the US if it’s all you can do.

I can add a counterweight to anything I send out for $1. I can also add a custom dyed counterweight to anything for $4 (contact me for colors, patterns, etc.). Contact me for more information.

I am not looking for trades at this time.

FHC Modded Duncan FHZ - $15 shipped

Certainly the best kind of FHZ out there. Large bearing, dyed translucent purple. Only a couple small play marks. Nice and smooth…

Duncan Mayhem - $29 shipped

Definitely has seen a lot of use. Some 3a and counterweight marks. Was my favorite yo-yo for quite a while. None of the marks affect play and it’s still smooth on both string and grinds.

Madhouse 5150 Beadblasted - $95 shipped

Mint with original packaging. Feels like it’s not even there on a throw. One of the smoothest yo-yos I’ve ever had the pleasure of throwing…

General Yo 5 Star - $95 shipped

Smooth, smooth, smooth. Has one or two small flat spots on the darker side, and two small marks that go through the ano on the lighter side (one of which can be seen in the photo). Original packaging included.

YoYoJam New Breed - $19 shipped

A couple small marks on the rims (as can be seen in the picture), but in fantastic condition (and plays like a beast) otherwise.

Offer up! (please make offers via PM. I WILL NOT respond to offers that are not via PM)

I am not really looking for anything in particular, but the following would be nice:

  • Cash
  • No YYF or ILYY

Condition is not an issue as long as it does not affect play.

Thank you for your time.

what bearing does the stargazer have installed? does it need any cleaning?