FS: 28 Stories Summit, Irony JP, Plastics Want: $, H.O.T.

CLYW x OD Summit - 28 Stories, mint with box. Comes with the stock gray ultra-light SE’s. I’ll even throw in a free pair of raw aluminium ultra-light SE’s. - $115 Shipped gone

Werrd Irony JP - Gold, mint with box. This yoyo is top-notch. Smooth as can be. - $75 shipped

YYF Northstar - Orange. One ding. Very, very minimal plastic vibe. - $5 or free with any metal gone

Adegle PSG - Blue. Mint. Surprisingly good yoyo. Good intro yoyo for 5A. - $5 or free with any metal

Both Plastics for $8

WANTS: I really would prefer cash, but I am looking for a YYF H.O.T. (preferably the Ain’t Nothin’ Ed.)

Also, here is a picture of everything else in my collection. I’m pretty bent on keeping these, but it couldn’t hurt to put it out there and see what gets offered.