FS: 2016 Onedrop Benchmark (O shape)

EDIT/DISCLAIMER: I actually originally thought this was a 2014 edition until I was corrected by another user who looked at the pictures but I can now confirm that it is indeed a 2016 O shape Benchmark

Hey peeps, so I have this 2016 Benchmark that I don’t really use much anymore and I’m in need of some cash, so here we are. The colorway is red with lime green and black splash and it’s in pretty stellar condition, from what I can see there’s only one scratch on the outside and its barely even visible (see the picture above, sorry it’s a bit blurry). I’m looking to get $50 but I’m also kinda trying to sell this as quickly as possible so I’ll probably take whatever the best offer is. Just let me know!


You sure that is not a 2016?
2013 has a smooth cup.
2014 has two thin lines in the cup.
2016 has one larger groove/line in the cup and response bump.


I think that is a 2016 as well.

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Woops, I guess it might be a 2016. TBH I’m trying to find some good pictures to compare but I can’t really tell the difference between the cup of the 2014 version and the 2016 version. Mine does have 1 thick groove in the cup, though I don’t know what a response bump is

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I created a post that shows the differences. It can be hard to tell at first.

Thanks, now I can confirm that it’s a 2016

I can confirm that is a 16. I have that exact splash as well. Look really good in person.

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