FS: $200 FOR ALL 7! CLYW Dune, Mazal Top, & more!

I need to get these outta here! Individually priced, I’m asking $350, but if you take them all, they’re yours for $200. That’s 7 yo-yos for $200! Averaged out, that’s less than asking for every single one. Like New Dune for essentially 28 bucks!

I also love to trade and will consider offers. I’d really like to trade for or toward G2 or One Drop throws. All prices are shipped CONUS & FF.

CLYW Dune Artist Edition - Prickly Pear - Mint w/box, pin, Zipline strings, and art that was included - Smooth - $90

Mazal Top Rectifier - Pink - Good w/box and pouch (some marks on the rims) - Little bit of fingernail vibe - $70

Unity Affinity - Clear - Near Mint w/box - Smooth - $35

Damian Puckett Wisteria - Moonrock - OK shape, no box (has a pretty nice ding on one of the rims as pictured) - Fingernail vibe - $30

Duncan Freehand Mini - Samurai - Very Good w/box (one tiny ding on the rim, and a couple marks in the gray finish that were there straight out of the box) - Tiny bit of fingernail vibe - $55

Turning Point II - Red - Very Good, no box but will come in YYF pouch (one small flat spot that doesn’t break the finish) - Smooth - $40

YoYoFactory Czech Point OG - Rainbow Fade - Very Good, no box - $30

CLYW Klondike - Tiffany Mint - Mint w/box, pin, & string - Smooth - Bought when these dropped on YYE and barely touched. It just isn’t for me. - $135 SOLD
Heaven Sent Creep Final - Red - Mint w/box & string - Smooth - $85 SOLD
G2 Luna - BAP - Mint w/box - Smooth - $80 SOLD
CLYW Otter - Unknown - Mint w/box, pin, & sticker - Smooth - $105 SOLD


@8269christopher Tiffany Mint Klondike

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someone give this klondike a good home pls :people_hugging:

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No u

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i can’t have twins they’ll get jealous of each other

Is the Luna still available? I’ll take it if so…

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