FS 2 Rare One Drop, **SOLD**

I have a couple of very limited runs of One Drop throws for sale. I hate to let them go but don’t have a choice.

Additional pictures available as requested

Shipping is included in the continental USA only

Payment is by PayPal F&F preferred, G&S buyer cover the fees.

Thanks for looking…

First up is a M1 Affogato de Lotiempo, this is NMTBS. There are no marks or scratches, I don’t have the box unfortunately.

Asking $165.00 SOLD

This is from an email conversation with David,

"My records show we made about 10 of these. The anodizer was a hobbyist who had figured this technique out but couldn’t do much in the way of quantity. These are very rare. They were sold in August of 2009.

As too the origin of the name, one of our customers with the last name Lotempio came to visit. We took him out for affagados (espresso and ice cream) and he loved it. He was the one who gave us the contact for the anodizer who did this finish and we felt like it looked like afagado when you get near the bottom of the bowl and there is just melting ice cream and espresso left. So we sort of named it after him."

Next up is a Dietz Smile Train edition, this was a limited run for a charity event.

This is nmtbs with box, there are no marks or scratches

Asking $150.00 SOLD



These are PENDING

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