FS -2.0, 7 Summits, Primo, Summit, Yellow Jacket Strings

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Looking to expand my pure bred CLYW collection and thin out my others. Ive got…

Have CLYW in Good condition? Im open to trades, but we’ll have to talk. :slight_smile:

all damage or imperfections are shown in pics

All Listings please add $5 for shipping Except the mega package bonus deal of awesomeness, in which case, shipping is included with the goodie bonuses.

NM Pink YYF 7075 Primo. Glass smooth on the nail, two micro ano breaks that are un-feelable
$85 With Box

OD/CLYW Summit, Berry Berry With Green Spikes (stock Ultra light SE included). Very minor vibe on the nail, smooth on the string. couple of tiny dings and a few ano burns, nothing feelable other than on the nail. Even then its barely there.

OD/CLYW 7 Summits, Vinson (1 of only 50 others ever made) (Stock Ultra Light SE included) NM and Glass Smooth. One single mark un feelable, invisible unless your looking for it.
Firm $150 With Box

YYF/YYE 2.0 Red. Mint no box. Glass Smooth. Fantastic undersized throw.

Toxic BG1 Yellow Jacket Strings. Still sealed 10 stings per pack. 6 Packages available
$8 each pack (Fantastic string!)

Package Deal AVAILABLE FOR SHORT TIME of $300 for entire package, Free Shipping (Cont. US), PLUS supreme extras and boss goodies! (Trust me, I make my packages deals sweet and savory) Save big if you act NOW!

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