Never eat yellow snow


These are all the yoyos I have left. I am not quitting, I am just getting down to one because I am going backpacking so I have these well used but very nice yoyos for sale. Like I said, they are WELL USED and have scratches and dings, but all of them spin smooth as glass, EVEN ON THE FINGERNAIL TEST! unless stated. I ship Priority mail, In boxes with tracking the very next day after payment is recieved. Sometimes same day if you catch me when I’m off. I accept paypal so that everyone is insured.

If you have any questions or would like more pics feel free to ask. I may still be interested by a trade, but Mostly need money

CLYW Chief (gold and Black) Few scuffs Tiny vibe on fingernail $75

Clyw Chief, I recently got this in a trade and it has become my favorite throw FAST! it is smooth and heavy and I can manage to do my tricks with lots of string in the gap without it binding up. It is tall too so it is very stable and easy to keep straight up and down. And the V shape of it makes whips and hops very very easy. Again the clyw finish is amazing, it is smooth but just enough of a clast or something to make it grind much better than a straight shiny finish. There is the slightest vibe on the fingernail test.


Make me some offers ;D




First bid is in on the Josy Ann


Really want CLYW Puffin!! Will work out a good deal on your end. Either trade wise or trade + cash.


Only 1 day left on ebay. Still really cheap prices. Omnicron may be gone. Offer up on the new ones. Lets get me a PUFFIN!


20 minutes on ebay!!!


down to the big guns.


Chimmon na! The serum has a Twisted trifecta bearing and the Royale supposedly has one of those magical Terrapins


Spyy now has a Trifecta bearing as well.


I also have a YYF genesis and a General yo Prestige on the way.


new throws


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Never eat yellow snow.


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awesome opossem


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