FS (1/3 in the world!) Severe 2009 VK edition

YYF Severe 2009
Vashek Kroutil signature edition
1 out of 3 in the world!!! EXTREMELY RARE
Near mint, 1 tiny scratch, 3 tiny dings, like 8 little scuffs. Doesn’t affect play at all!
It plays extremely well!!! no vibe or wobble what so ever which is surprising due to the condition!!! Bought it from Ben McPhee himself :slight_smile: Used by Vashek Kroutil
I’m not really planing on selling this, I like it too much but I just want to see how much people will offer for it, and if the price is right I just might sell it! It looks extremely cool too!
Pictures: http://cs10126.vkontakte.ru/u15802022/133661594/z_7276b2ef.jpg

I have an AP supernova. Red/Silver splash for it… :slight_smile: