FS:08 888, 28s marmot, 28s gnar, campfire and more....

okay well I’m going to put up my collection to see what i can get really. I’m mainly looking to sell. i really need some money to pay off my motorbike so yea ha ha.
ill reply to PMs asap

First up i have all my accessory’s, no point naming all because you can see:

Next up i will be selling my case:

And of last but not least my throws:

TOP LEFT TO BOTTEM RIGHT:08 888 MIB, 28s gnar MIB, 28s marmot MIB,Campfire MIB,2009 wyyc groved 4XL 1 in 10 MINT no box,gorilla MIB, hitman pro metal abit dull with box, Dark magic metal abit dull with box, a i don’t know lol, bumble bee,fireball,sunset, viper.
afew more images can be found at: http://s1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc384/nathanbull4/
i can give more detail and better pics on request by PM

thanks agian
PS i am in the UK

08 888 added


up we go



Is your Campfire still available?


Still got the 888?
if so, price?

I will give you 50$ for the campfire.