hey guys sorry about the corny name couldnt think of anything but i have been thinking of a new video series kinda like studio sessions of me and some other people doing freestyles of all styles lengths and skill levels to different songs and locations. its a no edit, no effects thing. what do you guys think? (help with the name too please)

Hey ice33, I love this idea of candid freestyles. What would the purpose behind it be though? I see that it would help showcase tricks, give people an opportunity to get some exposure for themselves if they can’t goto contests. Maybe even provide them with a platform to compete in (kind of like the battles I see floating around the forums). But I’d like to know what you’re vision is for this project?

I could see it being a good way for people to develop and improve freestyles, since people could comment on the videos and offer tips to improve. (What I’ve described is something I’m actually doing right now, I started with this video: and the tips I’ve been getting have been really helping me improve and develop my routine.)

But yea, I’d love to know what your vision for the project is. :slight_smile:

Check out those biceps ^ :smiley:

I really like this concept too its a good idea instead of just making yoyo videos this will show case talented CONTEST yoyoers cause there is a difference anyways with that i would be glad to help your cause.

this was an old practice freestyle

This was poorly shot but rest assure that i will shoot a new practice freestyle for you soon

As for the name of the project it think you should call it Contest Sessions or Freestyle Sessions cause like studio sessions is a video project for showing off cool tricks and this project is based around showing off cool freestyles

Hey Mike, the purpose would be “for fun”.

You’re the first to say this :slight_smile: and a clearly defined purpose is a great motivator.