Freestyo's: Big Bang hey heres a new freestyo tell me what you think

its garagara go by bigbang lol u had it other way :stuck_out_tongue: but nice 3a.

No trust me the song is Big Bang, the band is Gara Gara Go

icekid was correct. Big Bang is a kpop band with some japanese songs, like gara gara go.
But nice video :slight_smile:
3a is hard! haha

sorry guys your right… i should probably do my research before i argue a point lol

dude im korean. my moms friend works with management. i know them xD im PRETTY SURE that i know music groups names :stuck_out_tongue: the group is big bang, how long have you been doing 3a for btw?

yeah your right im an idiot lol and only seriously about 3 months