Good Time


(Jerrod) #2



Good stuff, man. It’s nice that people in the public were getting into the spirit of the video =)



I know. It definitely was my favorite video to make, and will be for some time to come :slight_smile:




that was great! one of the more enjoyable videos… not just jaw dropping most others.


That made me have a good time! :wink:

(Owen) #8

Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, I can’t view it on, MAH MOBILE DE E VICE!

Yesh, dis is sad but true.

I really hope the song was the owl city/Carly Rae Jepson song XD


Haha it was, nice prediction.




The video has an inspiring message. Great stuff!



(NotATyrant) #13

You did a fantastic job, but hopefully you will make one during the club meeting( even though I won’t be there this month)…


Haha great idea!

Best method for putting axle back in yoyo?