Freehand ALuminium are they still being made?

Hey, I was wondering if duncan still makes Freehand AL?
I can’t seem to find any online.

Also on the duncan website price is $50 and other online shops prices vary $100-$120. Why is this?

I hope this is posted in the correct forum.

If you can’t find it online from the manufacturer, its likely discontinued. Discontinued means they no longer make it, and that makes stock dry up. As the stock gets less and less, the price will start to increase. The fact that you can find them, but only finding them expensive is pretty tell tale of a desirable albeit discontinued item.

If you really want one, i suggest paying up for the asking price, cause they will likely only get harder to find from here. Its just a sad thing that happens in the collector world.

Supply and Demand my friend.

Good luck!

I have one and really enjoy it! It’s a very different style from the wide speed throws that people seem to like. I feel like dust pretty much hit the answer you were looking for, but I thought I would just add my thoughts on the yoyo :wink: