Free shipping ending date


When does the free shipping in the shop end? I think that I’m going to make an order but I may not be able to do it til tomorow morning. Will the free shipping still be on?


I think free shipping is for orders over $20, for orders placed through November 10th.

I think the Halloween sale throws in 15% off for October 31 only.


On the instagram post it sais its still a sale until noon tomorow. Thank you for the free shipping ending date.


Never. I suspect it benefits them much more than it hurts them with so many other stores offering free shipping. I said before they started free shipping under the guise of an anniversary thing but it probably wouldn’t end, and i still believe that.


Cool! I wanted to ask because i thought that it might end when october ends.


All academic for me, alas!


It’s not our fault you live in the wrong country. ;D



YYE answered your question in another thread. Free shipping until November 10th.
(If you’re in the US, that is ;))


Thanks! Just to make sure- when i order tomorow morning (11am about) i will get 15% off and free shipping?


Correct. :slight_smile: