Free Flo Toys Video Contest (Ends Jan 31st)

The contest date has been pushed to January 31st, 2015.

Contest Information:

Multi-Flow Toy Online Video Contest from Free Flo Toys

Free Flo is launching a full-blown online video contest. We want to see your skills translated into as many flow and skill toys as possible!
The rules are simple …

  1. Like the Free Flo Toys facebook page:
  1. Download the Free Flo Toys 2014 Contest Package.
  1. Use the Free Flo Toys video contest splash and or logo at the start of your entry.

  2. Send your submission to with “VIDEO CONTEST - Your Name” as the title of the e-mail.

  • After January 30th.

Your video must not be under 1 minute and can not go over 4 minutes.
Use a minimum of 3 flow toys. You can dance, I’d count that. :wink:
The more flow toys you use, the better the chance you have to win.
Video quality is also a factor in this contest.
Go outside to special locations.
Use good lighting. Try not to film in your room.
Keep it interesting and fun.
Please use non-copyrighted material.
If you do not have a source for the music, please contact us.
Contest deadline: End Of January 2015.


The 3rd Place Winner Gets:
Monkey Knuckles (Around Square)
Astrojax (

The 2nd Place Winner Gets:
Monkey Knuckles (Around Square)
Astrojax (
CizreK Productions Shirt (CizreK)
Poi (Free Flo Toys)
Astrojax MX (CizreK)

The 1st Place Winner Recieves:

Tri-Thology (Free Flo Toys)
Poi (Free Flo Toys)
Astrojax (
Diabolo (CizreK)
Flex Gap YoYo (CizreK)
Omni Tech Skateborder (Action Sports Toys)
Fingerboard (CizreK)
XaXa (CizreK)
Boing (CizreK)
Monkey Knuckles (Around Square)
Deconstruction Blocks (Around Square)
CizreK Productions Shirts (CizreK)
Astrojax Hat (CizreK)
Tri-Thology Prototype (Free Flo Toys)