Freaks: The YoYos No One Dared To Tell You About



Haha, cool.




Nice video.
Love the normal speed–>slow motion–>normal speed, thing.


Haha I wonder why nobody mentioned these…

That’s pretty awesome though. I never would have guessed you could do something like that, especially with like a Superstar and 888, or the E1NS with the Noctu. Awesome.


that was awesome. great video editing.


i did that with a p1 and m1 and it was actually really smooth, it just tilted towards the m1 side slowly because of the added weight


The 888 and superstar one looked the craziest. I loved the slow motion thing.

(SR) #9

That was awesome!


That vid was AWSOME! Btw, I’m still loving the WM you traded me.


nice music for it… fits perfect… and which one played the best ???


my guess would be the ILYY or OneDrop only cause the YYF and CLYW ones looked way unproportionate (word?) but i could be wrong.

What say you Ibanez?

(Infinite Chaos) #13

Goes to show how any yoyo is a good throw as long as it spins. No matter how freakish… ;D