Fragment and Diffusion for 100 shipped right now buy them

Raw YYR Fragment and Diffusion. Fragment has little scratches because its raw. No dings in either. 100 for the pair.

I have a black green speck chief. Do you have a Sasquatch or avalanche you be willing to trade for it.

I also have a black gold splash berserker I’d be will to trade for something of a clyw make

I have a sasquatch yes. pm me please

If you can get a pic of the Sasquatch for me so I can check out the color way and you want the chief or the berserker I was talking about

I mean which one ?

The chief. I think i sent you a pic.


Bump. Will sell the entheos for $90 shipped straight up!!!

i have a single loop 900 if u r interested

I have a purple raptor with 3-4 scuffs on the edges (nothing that can be felt), what would you trade for it?

Not really interested in a raptor.

Bump Added prices.

I really want the kavka chief I trade a mint Gnarhwal and my northstar i also a evil yo and a phenomizm too.

Can you message me pics?

Bump. BvM is gone. Some prices lowered.

1st run Boss.
Hardcoat DV888.
Northstar. (earlier run. has jensens name on the plates. New ones don’t.)
Supernova Lite.
Czech Nats 2007 VK. Small Bearing. No hubstacks.

Prices way dropped.


How is the burnside mint if it has a flatspot? Even if It came like that, it still isn’t mint.