looking to trade!!!

hey guys, i had a trade lined up but it fell through, so i am putting this guy back up, i really just want another chief, i would like a gold,mint,preferably with box :slight_smile: also I am looking for a wooly markmont, will trade for one if mint in the box!!!If not mint in box, I still might consider it. Oh yeah, and if anyone has a catch 22 with the case, oh my god, you have no idea how much I would give up for one!!! :o

I have a northern lights chief, mint, just one little ano flaw, it is super small but it looks like a little 5 point star!lol :slight_smile: it look really cool! it does not show up on camera because it just blends with the ano.does not break the ano or metal or anthing, its just a little color mark. anyways, here it is. :slight_smile:



let me know if you have a gold chief, i might trade, feel free to offer other chiefs