Foxland Precision - THUNDER WASP Review |

Why does everything sound better with the word “Thunder” in front of it? Is that your horse sir? NO, ITS MY THUNDER HORSE! I have a very low tolerance for cats, but Thundercats? HOOOOO. Who took down the Hulk the most times? Captain America? Iron Man? Reed Richards? No. Thunderbolt Ross. Do you think Ross from “Friends” could have done that? No, Hulk would have smashed him into snarky slightly confused monkey owning Rachel pining paste. Thunder makes everything sound better. Thunderbird, thunderclap, God of Thunder, thunder thighs (well not that one), Thunder Valley. Foxland Precision’s new yo-yo is the Thunder Wasp. Will it live up to the Thunder namesake? I don’t know, but this opening paragraph has changed my inner monolog to sound like the Epic Voice Guy.
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