Foxland Foxtail + bonus (reduced)

Foxtail $45 $40 shipped
Includes 10 slick 6 strings, and a yomega fireball.
Paypal only

Aunt’s scumbag boyfriend sold me a truck that broke down after 3 weeks. Had to get another car in a hurry, and I’m scraping the bottom on cash so I’m liquidating some stuff. This foxtail has been lighty used over the last week. Has never been dropped or hit anything. Bearing has been cleaned and oiled lightly, plus the axle has been tuned (though I may have knocked it out a little when I opened it to take pix). Had no vibe before I opened it (I had to touch it a couple times to make certain it was spinning). Slept 2:08 out of the box, but gets a little longer now that the thick lube is off of it. Has 2 or so tiny spots where the anodizing didn’t take all the way. This one is a non standard color. It’s more copper, rather than orange, so great if your into the one of a kind thing, but not so much if you want it to look exactly like the magazine.
Fireball has about 3 sets of dings around the edges. Strings will be lime yellow in color. PM me if interested.






you like lego starwars

If shipped to Singapore how much? My Budget is Ard S$50 inc shipping.

I think I could send it in a bubble envelope to singapore for about and extra $20. Havent
weighed the total package yet. will post correct info within 24 hours.