Found a new way to do a GT

Hey guys and girls! Was messing around and found a new way to get into a GT. Super easy also. Whatcha think?

I don’t think that’s a front mount

been there, done that. y’all is just poppin the yoyo on to the back string from the front or vice versa.

its been done… There’s sooooo many ways to get into a GT, it’s rare that someone actually finds a new way to get into a GT

It’s getting more and more difficult to create something truly unique. However, there is always value in the creation of something, even if it was created by someone else previously. I can’t count the number of times I’ve created things, I’ve never seen, just to see them later in a vid made prior to my personal discovery.

That “OH WOW” feeling is the best and one of the main reasons we yo. On top of that it’s nice to see the op’s enthusiasm and mind set to share what was discovered.

Nice job TTYo! :wink: Even though it may have been done before, I bet there is someone that saw that video and thought, “I gotta try that!”

Yup! I gotta try that!

Me actually,
I don’t do GT’s much but I feel rather silly for never trying this. So simple