Forum stats are cool

I always liked looking at the forum stats. Any interesting things you guys have found by looking at your stats?

I miss the thank you system when you only got “likes” for truly helpful and meaningful posts. Now all my most liked posts are jokes or pictures.

I argue with @codinghorror too much I guess :joy: I think I just have a lot of discussions with @zslane apparently I reply to those 2 significantly more than anyone else

As you can see I don’t like a lot of posts. Jeff and Garrett are the only two that have snuck in since the new forum update. Other 3 are OGs, @LinksLegionaire is the GOAT throwback to @Rosenberg for being around 5 years ago too

I don’t make a lot of topics but I really liked the idea of the unpopular opinions thread so I’m glad that’s still going strong

Before the forum update you used to be able to see monthly activity stats, top 10s for various things such as posts(I was 11th before, I think I would be 10th in posts now, no life amirite), login time, etc., a lot of other cool stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head.

This new software does have some stats the old forums didn’t have though like most liked posts/topics, who liked/you’ve liked the most, etc.


What other metrics / stats / reports do you think would be interesting? :thinking:


There’s also this page:

Though I’m not sure how they are ordered - @codinghorror?

I’m sixth in amount read, which is funny b/c that’s only almost half of what @codinghorror has read


Oooh how’d u get it ordered like that? I only see the stats by individual member

I’m on a computer so this may not work on a phone as well, but I just click on the topic you want in order. It should first appear from highest number to lowest, and then from lowest to highest after a second click. (Also select the desired time frame from the top left of the screen)

@codinghorror Different than forum stats, but site-wise I really wish I could open a topic and be able to view only the photos posted on that topic. Kind of like with text messages/imessages. This would help reduce the amount of scrolling I have to do for various photos posted on the Ti-Vayder Experience :wink:


Since it pops up in one of your screenshots up there (and all my posts) I figure this is probably a good place to explain my whole “The King Himself” thing.
I’m not actually full of myself, it’s a reference to a big meme where I was “The King of YoYoNation” back on those forums. I was pretty well known on the forums and a dude I was arguing with asked me something like “who made you king of yoyonation” and King of YoYoNation became the tagline under my username from then on.


I would have liked this post but it wasn’t very helpful :wink:

You can switch to Desktop view on your phone


I was wondering do you have any API’s that one could use for reporting? That away you are empowering the user and not spending all your time making stat based widgets.

Yeah you can check it out at

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I just didn’t know if it would work on a ‘puter b/c I can’t switch to phone view on one :grin: Thanks fo’ the info anyway

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