Formula's BST

VS Newton Battosai. Grey with yellow splash, Several major dings. $40
Click on image for additional pictures

Cascade - traded to rdz
Code2 - traded to Chimera
888x - SOLD to Codorr
Glide - SOLD to Codorr

Other throws I’m willing to part with, in combination with anything above:
YYF loop 900 x2 (half yellow/green) $15 /ea
YYF whip (white) $5
YYF one (blue) $5
YYF velocity (green) $4

This is what I am looking for:

One Drop:
-Markmont next
-Benchmark 2013: V, H
-GZR models (54, cascade, code1, burnside)

any 7075 G2

I have several solid color One Drop yoyos, that I would love to trade halves on. PM me with offers/pics/condition questions.
Here’s what I have, mostly mint:

Downbeat purple
Benchmark H 2014 orange
Benchmark O 2014 purple
Benchmark O 2013 Green
Summit purple

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bump for lower prices

Cascade added today

New lower prices, offer me some CLYW to trade

New trade offers today