BST clyw rare one drop c3 and yyf

Hey guys Welcome to my BST feel free to make offers ;D

First off what I am looking for

  • is wanted big

** really want

*** soooo badly want this

ARCTIC CIRCLE****************************** fools gold ok
Chief *** fools gold ok

One drop
Code 2 *******
Code 1
Burnside **
Dang *
Cascade ***********************

Supernova 2012 *
Catalyst *
Super g *
Avant garde **
Avante garde 2 **** really want illest one
Rockstar 2012

Next level ************
Vexed ***

What I have…

Supernova 2012 Winston color way … Mint … 80$ or trade

Code 2 prepro … Grey … Couple small dings … 90 or trade

Nickel burnside … Mint … 100$ or trade

Code 1 thunderstorm … 2 small dings 85 or trade

Di base cal states edition gold … 40 Or trade

Protostar neon green 25 or trade…

Wooly marmot … Grey yellow speckle with ceramic bearing 100$ or trade

More to be added soon and pictures. Soon but MSG me and offer up

I’ve got a catalyst for you burnside

Hey can I trade the Code 2 for a Phenom? tiny dents bape and kinda faded colors, somes wiht konkave official dif-e-yo bearing, plays smooth! you can request for cap-on or off, because i got it from a trade, with a hole (fixed it but not perfectly as in back to normal) on the letter “o”.