For Trade Neuae Crayon DV888 Classic



The following return tops were all given to me or traded to me as,
so I am not entirely sure of their history.

I am looking to TRADE.
I mostly want to trade them all as a package.
Message me with any offers.

I am quite fond of every brand yoyo, so don’t be scared to ask.
as long as its not yoyofactory
I like unique throws, artwork and such. I’m looking for some red or purple for my collection,
but not limited to

At the end of this post there is a link for more pictures

RecRev Neuae
This little top is smooth on throw, but vibes when touched or “grinded”.
Quite a few scuffs.

This thing was a beater of some guy I met on the street.
We played “pink slips” and I got his throw. (Dont worry, he had case of 20 or so)
I personally sanded off the sides, remove the obnoxious branding.
Smooth play and grinds.
Makes a nice ringing/hollow sound when thrown.

Buddy was throwing this away.
Vibes a little. Semi Responsive. Dirty. Classic.

More Pics


Hoping to help you out here, idk if this guy still has it but it doesn’t hurt to ask.,70870.0.html


Here comes the bump chump

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