For those that need boxes to ship USPS offers free supplies

Just in case for those who don’t know, you can get free shipping supplies from USPS for shipping items.

for example here’s a flat rate box that fits about 3 dvd’s or a small book, I know personally that it fits a yoyo if it’s been taken apart and there should be enough space for padding such as bubble wrap or pre wrap the pieces with enough cushion to prevent it from being crushed.

But this should be use with throws that you know you can remove the axle and bearing, sometimse these things can get damaged, or crushed, but there are larger boxes that you’re able to order and ship with.

So just wanted to let you guys know cause I thought it’d be helpful.


Flat rate was a blessing back when I was still into edc.


I can imagine, being able to drop literally anything compact in there, couple of bits of wadded paper for protection or left over bubblewraps and it’s good to go for like 5 bucks, at least that was what I usually pay.