For Sale: YYF, Duncan, BornCrucial, Madhouse, 1Drop PRICE DROP

These are all FOR SALE ONLY unless you have a Sasquatch. I’m studying abroad this semester and need money for travel expenses.

Paypal only. Prices (somewhat) negotiable.

YYF Prepro 888 $75 $65 Shipped

YYF B-Grade Superstar Sold

YYF YYG Edition White 401k 1st Run $45 $40 Shipped

Madhouse Lucky 7 $80 $70 Shipped

BornCrucial Tres Leches $60 $50 Shipped

1Drop M1 $40 $30 Shipped

YYF Plastics (2x Loop 900s, Whip, One) $40 $35 Shipped

Duncan Hyper Freehands $35 $30 Shipped

PM me if you’re interested.

Ok I’m interested in the crucial

is this still on?