FOR SALE - rare CLYW & YYF (MINT) Sasquatch, Campfire, Miggy 2


Hello, I am currently selling 3 yo-yo’s.

CLYW - Sasquatch team edition (brown with teal speckles)

  • $120 OBO
    Mint condition, with a small factory ano-mark on one lip. This does not effect play, for it plays very nice. It has been well stored and only used a few times.

SOLD [s]CLYW - Campfire two tone red (mint)

  • $75 OBO
    This yoyo has been well kept and has only been used a few times. This is in mint condition.[/s]

YYF - Genesis Miggy 2 black with yellow rice stacks (mint)

  • $110 OBO
    this is in mint condition and only thrown a few times. I added yellow rice stacks which enhance the aesthetic value.

All shipping rates will apply (paypal) If interested we can further discuss shipping and handling rates.

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