For Sale or Trade **New Throws**


Crazy Deals!! Prices are shipped to US Friends and Family. Will consider trading for Gradient, Parlay, Summit, Old Benchmarks.

  • G2 Warthog - No Damage, Smooth -SOLD

  • Iyoyo Firrox 7075 - No Damage, Slight Vibe - 50$

  • SF Bliss - No Damage, Smooth - 65$

  • 2sick Decoy - No Damage, Smooth - SOLD

  • 2sick Gambit - No Damage, Smooth - TRADED

  • 2sick Enpassant - Tiny Scratches, Minor Plastic Vibe - 28$

  • 2sick Queen - No Damage, Smooth - SOLD

  • TC Cappucino - Tiny Scratch, Tiny Vibe -SOLD

  • UPRLD Abduction - Tiny scratch maybe if you look super hard, Smooth - SOLD

  • Iyoyo Hidra - Tiny Pinprick, Smooth - 28$

  • YYF Gfunk - No Damage, Smooth - 25$

  • Recess Fire Dyed First Base, No Damage-SOLD






(David Hough) #5

PM sent


Added lots more! Priced to move.


Decoy and First Base Gone.


Someone in the bst on Facebook was looking for a cappuccino in brown


Hey man still got that bliss


Price Drop Bump! Grab these deals so I can afford a ti float!


This is some nice stuff, you almost never see an En Passant come up, or the older 2sick.


Gambit gone moments after Codinghorror posts about old 2sicks!


Gambit Gone! Trade wants updated.


Sunday Bump! Buying a yo-yo today pays my gas to the Atl. Yoyo meet up!


Cappucino Sold! Queen,Warthog, Abduction Pending!


Abduction, Warthog, and Queen sold! 5 more deals still left. Will prolly be adding more later.


Bumped with PM!