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Hi guys!

The throws I’m selling have some minor imperfections and vibe as these are used regularly. They won’t be shipped in the original packaging as I store these in foam cases. I’m based in UK so preferably want them sold in bundles due to postage.

Prices exclude paypal and shipping fees. Feel free to dm me for more pics and info.
Feedback Thread & Trades I’m looking for.

ROW 1:

  1. SF Bliss: [SOLD]
    One light scratch on rims, vibe on string.

  2. SF Ceasefire: [SOLD]
    NM, slight vibe, not noticeable on string.

  3. Duncan Haymaker X: [SOLD]
    NM, smooth.

  4. Duncan Grasshopper GTX: [SOLD]
    NM, very minimal vibe.

ROW 2:

  1. YoyoFriends Magpie: [SOLD]
    NM, small ding, smooth.

  2. Offset Deviant: [SOLD]
    one light scratch, vibe can be felt ~8cm away from bearing.

  3. YoyoBarista Geisha V1: [SOLD]
    NM, very minimal vibe.

  4. YYF Pragma John Ando Edition B Grade: [SOLD]
    Misaligned engraving, unblasted rims, vibe can be felt ~12cm away from bearing.

ROW 3:

  1. Smashing Yoyo Float: [SOLD]
    NM, slight finger nail vibe, not noticeable on string.

  2. God Trick’s Orion: [SOLD]
    NM, finger nail vibe, very minimal on string

  3. TP St.Elmo: [SOLD]
    BEAT, was originally blue, used this as an experiment for spray painting yoyos, minimal vibe.

  4. MYY Stealth M04: [SOLD]
    BEAT, noticeable vibe on string and when doing tricks, damage on engraving.


  • UK: 2 working days, [$6]
  • EU: $12, 5 working days, [$12]
  • Rest of the World: 7 working days [$20]


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