For sale or trade. CLYW Blizzard, One drop cascade, Yelets, code 2.

Hello everyone
I had the blizzard up for trade but I decided to change this post to a for sale one.
So up for sale or trade (wants below)

CLYW Blizzard Maideraid Fade New never thrown. $140
One Drop Yelets Dragonslayer mint condition (no box) $100
One Drop Cascade Blue Mint Condition $75
One Drop Code 2 Nautilus Gold. Mint Condition $75

Prices include domestic shipping. These are also up on eBay if you would prefer dealing there.
PayPal only.

What I’m looking for.
Galactic Goose
Wooly MarkMont
H5 Chief
Glacier Express

I do throw but as a collector I would prefer them to be in good condition. They don’t have to be perfect but I do prefer that they are pretty close to mint.

Message me if you are interested.


Ash Berry fade is gone.
Maderaid fade waiting to be traded. :slight_smile: