For sale ONLY. YYJ 3YO3 YYF


[s]Howdy folks,

This past weekend me and my fiance rescued a kitten from a not so nice home and now I am in need of recovering some of the expenses. It certainly is a bummer but to help my little buddy, I can part with some unused throws in my collection as I’m usually too busy to even give my favorite throws the attention they desperately deserve ::slight_smile:

With that being said, I can only sell these so I can recover the expenses.

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. The cost is $5.80, however if you purchase TWO or more I will cover the shipping.

The total of these throws together would be $125 as is, but if you buy all of them, I’ll not only knock off $25 bucks, but I’ll pay the shipping and throw in the Legacy 2. Thats four throws, free shipping, and a free legacy 2 for only $100.[/s]

This sale is closed. All have been sold. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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