For sale only. Tons of throws. NEW YOYOS!!

(Username1) #1

Need to sell ASAP. Taking OFFERS please do not ask me how much for a throw. hence the word OFFER
First row: yyt helium-GONE, random throw, nostria, downbeat, joyride, horizon, lyn fury, mighty flea
Second row: summit, nickel quake, super g, shu-ta-GONE, china barracuda, first base, raider
Third row: heavy hitter, hazmat, nickel cascade, gelada-GONE, torque, echo 2, raider
Fourth row: code 2, benchmark o 2014, dang, code 2, barracuda, flipside, butterfly
Bottom row: ratchet-GONE, cypher, 50 cal, carlosh, carlosh, flipside, imperial


ill give you a tribute for your cascade and summit


Yooooo where’d you get that echoooo


Would you take 50$ for the summit?

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