FOR SALE / FS - Deluge/El Presidente/Anglams/YYR

FOR SALE - mint & smooth high-end bi-metals. Prices include shipping within US. Can ship international too.

  • RCS Deluge - SOLD
  • Spintime El Presidente, look at these iridescent rings!! SOLD
  • Something Anglam 2 - SOLD
  • Something Anglam CC (purple) - $165
  • Something Anglam OG (blue, re-run of the original! blue with Titanium rings) - $165
  • Something Slasher (pink) - $140
  • YYR Onslaught (blue) - $190

I pack well, ship fast and don’t disappear after the sale


And here is a feedback thread:




Deluge pending


Beautiful throws as always my friend. Your photography is so nice too

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Thanks a lot, very much appreciate - trying to show well the colors. Deluge is sold! Many more amazing goodies in this listing!

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Anglam 2 is sold. Anglam CC or Anglam OG, anybody? These are amazing. The CC is regarded as the best Anglam version, and the OG is made with Titanium rings, no expense spared!

El Presidente is sold and shipped. The best units are still available - two Anglams, oh my my, a pink Slasher … and YYR Onslaught!!

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