Lf: E=MC2. Have Blink, Crazy D, Anglam, etc


Hey everyone. I have a ton of yoyos that I’ve accumulated through contests, and trades, and I don’t really use these anymore. I’m mainly looking for another Anglam, or any sOMEThINGS but I’m open to offers. Please do not ask me what my bottom dollar is on anything. Add $6 for shipping. Thanks for looking!


These go in order of the photos.

2 Raw Superstars - Pretty much mint. A few 3a marks - $100 for the pair or $60 Each

2 Mint CrazyDs - One Blue, One Yellow (VOGUE, NEW YORK)

Yellow with Silver Center Anglam - 2 scrapes, and some scratches.

One Red, One Silver Superflys. Red has some dings on the rims, and both have a handful of 3a marks. - Offer

Near Mint Stargazer v1 Some practically invisible lines.Some Vibe (all silver) - Offer

Red and Gold Blink - 1 ding on each side and some pinpricks (Not really feelable), Small vibe(Not Pictured) - Offer

Mint Purple Singularity. It has a nick in it pre anodized. Have box. - $50

Pocket Pros Eos Prototype. Pretty wide. Like a cheap yoyorecreation. Just machining marks. - $50

Mint in Can GTOF - $60

Mint in Box Manimal - $50 Sold

RecRev Bad Rep Lite (some rim damage) $50

RecRev Bad Rep (one flat spot) Half prepro, half production. $60

Supernova Lite (one ding) $60

Purple Messiah Some dings on rims, none can be felt- Offer

Mint RecRev I - $40

Catalyst (One ding) $50

Mint Crucial Cupcake $60 pending

One of a kind powder coated Maxbet. The black half turns rainbow, and the silver half sparkles. (One ding) Now Mirror Polished- Offer

Beaten Up Stardust v2s (Only 1 left). - $65

Beaten up Double Jokers - $150

Thanks for looking!!!


hay!! cannot see the your photos :-\


Yeah, fix the link

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You ended up getting a hold of that E=mc^2, huh?

Hope you didn’t give much for it. I traded for it once and found out it’s a B grade after the trade happened. To be fair, I don’t think the previous owner knew. Its a shame because the galaxyblast is really nice.


I’ll take the rec rev I and ta pm me please

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