For Sale, Axiom+Matador+Magic Yo N5 Bundle

Alright, I need some cash for the holidays, these yo-yos get little play sadly, so new home time.
Paypal only. Shipping in America only.

Matador has two small scuffs on the rims, one on each. Only the natural plastic vibe is there, minimal as heck. Magic Yo n5 is minty BUT I do not have the stock KK rip off, sorry. Axiom is mint. Yes, the CW and spare O-ring is included, lol.
Looking for 50 $40 shipped for all three. I will ship next day or same if early enough.

Bumper stickers. What would he do? Speed limit! YAY!

Hoping these get bought. Probably post Christmas though knowing the time of the year.

Why doesss Nobody like Wazzzzpinatorrr?

Late night bump. 11 pm bumps are most ridiculous bumps.