For Sale 120$ for the whole package!


120$ for everything shipped world wide!

Package deals are negotiable!

-YYOxAuldey Orbis €15 NM tryed to take out one cap, didn’t work
-MYY K1 €6 Mint
-YYF OneStar €9 one deep scuff
-YYF dv888 €23 Mint
-MYY K3 €10 one of the hubstacks broke
-Vosun Eztrik €25 Mint
-YYF CzechPoint €27 pinpricks around the rim
-MYY N12 €14 Mint

Shipping is €8,70 (+€6.06 if tracked) worldwide.


Are you Dutch?


No, Belgian :wink: But I speak Dutch yes!

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