Fools gold. Which did you got.

I got a CLYW WOOLY MARMOT 2. Electric Bacon.

What did you got?

If you don’t know about it here’s the link.

You can check out clyw store also.

It’s there a noticeable difference in performance?

^ There will never be any difference in performance. A tiny bit of vibe or an ano flaw, yes, but this will never affect the spin times or stability of the yoyo to any noticable degree. :slight_smile:

They dropped at 3am over here (dat time difference). I’m up for work at 7-ish, so I cant afford to be having late nights like that.

Glad to hear you managed to pick one up though, nicely done. Bet those FG Orca’s were gone within seconds… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even here in India the time was 7 am so I had to set an alarm as I dont always wake up at that time. And no first to go was scout as there were only 2 available then ac2 and then orca. I’ll was thinking if I don’t get wooly marmot 2 I’ll get the orca but I got the wooly marmot 2.

There are still wooly marmot 2 gold and gnarwhal 2 are available.

I haven’t received it yet. I bought it today.

Ash Berry WM2

I got my Fool’s Gold back at BAC when CLYW was selling them there at a slightly greater discount :slight_smile:

I have the WM2 which feels perfect! Ok maybe there’s a tiny bit of vibe but I can barely tell. It actually has less vibe than my Shutter! No flaws other than the ding I put in it. I also have the Gnarwhal 2 which has no vibe whatsoever, just some slight cosmetic flaws that I can care less about. Both are amazing throws to be honest.

Was tempting to pick up another but I just recently spent enough for a while on yoyos, plenty to play with now :slight_smile:

Got the only pink Scout! I was kinda bummed they didn’t have the advanced Scout, I was looking to pick up a spare beater because I love it so much! I had asked Steve a couple weeks ago, and he said there would be Advance Scouts online, but no production Scouts, and it turned out to be the opposite. If you kept them for yourself Steve, I definitely don’t blame you! :wink:
I’m pumped to try the production version though since I love the Advanced this much.

Sorry to anyone trying for that one! I was really quick about it, I had PayPal set up before hand and everything with my card and shipping address, so all I did was push a few buttons and it was done. It’s crazy there were only two Scouts!

I got the last Ac2 :smiley: :smiley:
I do not think they had orcas ??? ??? I looked but I did not see them

I got a Power-up Avalanche, a friend picked up an AV a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wanting one myself.

I got the red/silver Gnarwhal 2. I’m excited.

There we Orcas and Scouts? BOOOO :frowning:

Yes there were.

Yeah there were Orca’s. I got a Gold one. I heard they sold really fast.

I got a gold nugget gnarwhal 2 and a pete the purple squirrel avalanche. I was shocked at how much more the A- Grade Gnarwhal 2s were than any other clyw at the time so I am quite happy that I got one for cheap. If only there were fools gold svszb avalanches, I want one so it will match my og BVM.

I got Almost Palli BvM2. No vibe. No ano flaws. It is just copper instead of gold

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I got a Clareview Station AC2.

I came in a couple hours late to it, but still ended up with gold WM2.

I got a green orca and a maideraide/red w/gold specs gnarwhal. Sounded just too fools gold to pass up, two totally different halves they just had extras laying around of and threw together. Im siked!

Getting a B grade that isn’t a B grade…

You win at life!