I just found out that I can get my pilots license when I am 16! That would be awesome to be able to fly a plane by myself by th time I can drive. Anyone else thinks that’s awesome.


you can get a gliders permit at 14 i believe… at least get the basics down… and also, getting a pilots license will be much more expensive than driving… your talking thousands of dollars for a private pilots license… and upwards of a dozen or so thousand for an instrument rating


Yeah i know. It was more of just a fantasy. But it would be cool.


I don’t know what the costs of insurance would be or the prices of airplane fuel, or hangaring and maintenance… just sounds like a money pit to me, or at least OWNING a plane.

Now, getting a pilot’s license itself would be cool.


I wouldnt buy a plane. I live by a place that lets you fly their planes if you have a license I think. But still the expences would be crazy. That’s why it was just a fantasy.


gliders licence is 15 i believe, and I’m pretty sure its 17 to solo. And yes, lessons alone for a sport certificate can get up to $15,000. Couple that with the price of buying a plane (anywhere from $12,000 to a couple hundred million), plus gas ($6/gallon), plus landing fees, hangar fees, maintenance (replacing the handle… just the handle of the door of a plane can cost $300), it adds up to alot.
It give you so much freedom, and is a ton of fun. I’m currently working towards my sport certificate, and while theres no chance of me owning a plane anytime soon, its just something awesome to have


I asked my dad about it a few years ago, and he just gave me a look.